about us

about us

Hello friends, in our website which is an information blog category, Rohit Bhatt is the manager and author of this blog, both of which are constantly on this website named kyatokaise! Hey, I keep posting articles full of new information on this, I have a team which constantly tries to keep presenting you articles full of technology and general knowledge from which you can get information.

about me

My name is Rohit Bhatt and I am the admin of kyatokaise” website and this website is created by me. When I did not have any work and I was looking for a job, then I saw about making a website on the internet and earning money online, then I got inspired by those bloggers who are already working on the blog. I keep writing information-filled posts on kyatokaise” such as – facebook, whatsapp tips, tricks technology, general knowledge, indian food, indian art and culture, health, keep sharing information about yoga

your cooperation

And it inspires my thinking further, in your praise and thoughts, I am always waiting for your thoughts and advice, my audience has a great contribution in expanding my thinking, thank you all for motivating me in the same way To contact me, you can email me or send me a message on my facebook page, I will regularly express my response to all your messages.

mail to – kotadamrohit@gmail.com

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